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The Town of Creston sits in the rich, wide valley between the Purcell and Selkirk Mountain Ranges in the Purcell Trench at the base of the Skimmerhorn Mountains with the Kootenay River draining into Kootenay Lake. The original inhabitants of the region were the Kutenai – one of three groups who formed the Ktunaxa First Nation. The first European known to have come to the area was the British explorer and geographer, David Thompson, after having crossed the Rockies in mid-winter with his indigenous wife and two small children in 1807. Other explorers and prospectors followed seeking precious metals and settlement of the area began.

The Creston Valley’s economy today is fueled mostly by agriculture and forestry, with many residents working in government services, education, and significant growth in the tourism and hospitality sector. The Columbia Brewery, producer of Kokanee Beer and Kootenay Ale is a significant employer and, in addition to the fruit and vegetable harvests, the area is seeing an increasing number of vineyard plantings and wine production.

  • Population (2016 est.):
  • Age Demographic Profile:
Children (0-14 years):580.

Emerging Labour Force (15-24 years): 430.

Primary Labour Force (25-64): 2,370.

Seniors (65+): 1,975
  • Primary Industry:
Sales and Service

    Social and Gov’t Services
Trades, transport & equipment ops
  • Major Employers:
    School Dist. # 8
    Columbia Brewery
    JH Huscroft Ltd.
    Interior Health Authority (regional)
    BCGEU (regional)
    RDCK (regional)